Requirements for students

  • -Citizenship or permanent residency in an EGF member country.
  • -Ability to understand basic English.
  • -Minimum 10k.
Application as student

The EGF Academy is managed by Cris Bratu

Please fill in this online form to apply as a new student. Please fill it in at least a few days before the Cycle starts! You will need the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality or Country of Residence
  • Email/Phone
  • Current EGF rating
  • KGS account nick name
  • Short statment why you want to join
  • Participation in cycle(s): 1/2/3/4
For any questions regarding the application, contact me at academy (at) eurogofed (dot) org. 

You will get a response as soon as possible on whether you are accepted or not, and further information. The players are selected according to strength, age, and motivation. If you do not qualify as a regular student, you may get an offer to join as a supporter, for the same benefits.

The participation fee for students is 25€ per Cycle starting from Season 11. (The players who took part in the CEGO training in Beijing are exempt for the term immediately following their return.)
We encourage the national Go association to carry the participation fees for their talented players. However, you need to sort it out by yourself with your national Go association.
Payment can be done via Paypal or bank transfer. It is also possible to use SEYGO vouchers to pay the participation fee.

  • 4-7 league games per Cycle.
  • Commentary of league games by the teachers.
  • Join any of 2-3 lessons per week.
  • Tsumego competition
    • New problems each week
    • your solutions are checked by the teacher
    • chance to win a free teaching game with a pro once per month
  • Access to all material from previous Seasons.
  • Opportunity of being selected for the EYE (European Youth Elite Team) u20, u16 and u12 categories.