Supporting the EGF-Academy

How to become a supporter:

It is very easy:

  1. Choose if you want to become Silver or Gold Supporter (see below)
  2. Register an account on our website.
  3. Click the donate button below, select the amount of donation, and indicate your name in the payment details so that we can identify your donation.
  4. You will receive an email from us as soon as possible where we show you how to access the material!

Why to support us and what you can get in return:

The EGF-Academy was founded around 5 years ago to provide a high-quality training environment for the most talented youth players of Europe. The project was made possible due to a generous sponsorship from the famous Ge Yuhong Go Academy in Beijing and CEGO.

Since the beginning, the EGF-Academy has grown steadily, training more than 100 promising youth players from over 15 countries across Europe. As a consequence, European Youth Go development is flourishing as never before. We are really proud about this development in recent years; in the 2020 European Youth Championship, 7 out of the 9 prize winners were students of the EGF-Academy!

Yet, the EGF-Academy is still relying on the sponsorship from the Ge Yuhong Academy financially. In the long-term, however, we want the Academy to be a project that is financially self-sustainable by European sources only. This is why we need your support! With a small donation, you can enable Europe’s most talented and hard-wroking youth players to have a great training opportunity to improve their Go skill to a higher level.

To express our gratitude for your support and to make this a true "win-win" situation, we want to offer you something back in return for a small donation. In this way, we also want to engage you more closely with the cause that you are donating to: you can get a glimpse into how the training in the EGF-Academy actually works, by getting access to material such as:

  • Selected “best of” lectures by our professional teachers Alexandre Dinerchstein 3p, Cătălin Țăranu 5p, and the Chinese guest teacher Xiao Qi 2p. The lectures are about all kinds of topics and range from 10k to 7d level: opening, joseki, tesuji, endgame, good shape, pro games, AI moves, and much more (you can find a preview of a part of the lectures here).
  • Tsumego sets including solutions in both pdf and sgf format, organized into two degrees of difficulty, compiled by our tsumego master Stanisław Frejlak 7d (more than 300 problems in total!)
  • A hard copy of the European Youth Year Book 2019: interviews with youth players from all over Europe, coverage of youth camps, easy to follow game reviews by many different professional players, and much more. Here you really get the ultimate overview of the cause you are supporting!

There are two options available for you:

Supporter overview silver gold
The amounts of donation should be understood as a suggestion, if you think you can afford to donate more, we wouldn’t say no :p If you think the amount is too high, but you would still like to support us with a smaller sum, please also do not hesitate to contact us!

We would like to thank you very much for your support! You are truly helping the European Youth development to catch up with our East Asian friends and move forward!


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